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We take care of all your Social Media needs.  Giving you the online presence that you need but don't have time for.

About Us

Take Control of Your Social Media World


We’re a small and rapidly growing social media presence engagement company.  What is a “presence engagement” company?  We are basically your social media customer service.  We actively engage your account(s) on a regular basis.  We ensure your customers / clients / followers get the attention and responses they need  ASAP.  

Social media is the number one way of keeping in contact, informing and updating company activities.  It gives us a way of communication like no other.  

Keeping up with your social media can open the door for new opportunities and improve what's already there.  

Let us take control of your social media world so you can get back to what matters. 

What We Do


A few of the areas we cover are as follows: 

-We respond, manage, monitor, edit, and accurately post content.

-Engage in discussions and respond to questions/comments in a timely fashion.  

 -Plan necessary content for your account(s) 

-Maintain a responders list of staff should any issues or questions arise. 

-Alert staff to any issues and assist in resolving.  

-Update any logs or pictures that need to be posted.

What Are You Waiting For


We offer several plans to fit all budgets.

Whether you need 7 days a week or just 2 days we can work it out. 

We work hard behind the scenes to give you a friendly professional presence. 

Contact us for more information.  

Contact Us

Send us an email using the link below for more information. Please include a description of what you’re looking for such as days per week and low engagement or high engagement.  We look forward to hearing from you.  We will be in contact within 24-72 hours.

Shadow Solution

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